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Our products can help in the fight against Covid 19 as we provide the complete range of handwashing, surface cleaning and disinfection. We also sell personnel protective equipment and have automated hand sanitisers which supply just the right amount of hand sanitiser solution - when you want it.

Good hand washing is and remains the first line of defence against the spread of the virus. Hand washing with soap is better than with alcohol sanitisers, which should only be used if water is not available. You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water. Our recommended products are:

  • Hand and Body Soap
  • Handcleanser AB
  • Alcohol hand sanitiser

For hard surface and higher risk areas it is best to use a two stage cleaning process – clean then disinfect. The cell wall or “Skin” of the Corona Virus is a lipid i.e. it is similar to oils and fats. This means that alkaline products that break down fats, oil and grease also have the potential to kill the virus. Scrubbing the surface also helps, as the mechanical action can further break down the cell wall and remove any stubborn grime that could harbour the virus. After scrubbing the surface, rinse or wipe over the surface with a damp cloth to remove residue. Then dispose of the cloth.

Recommended Autosmart products

New Hygiene Range - proven to kill the Coronavirus

  • G101
  • Disinfectant +
  • Smartsan V
  • Bio Blast
  • Bio Spray
  • Bio Fogger

To disinfect – Smartsan V and Disinfectant + is our
recommended product and Bleach is effective as a surface disinfection agent.

Our bio range - Bio is our new range of aerosols designed to sanitise and leave surfaces with a “biostatic” antimicrobial coating that can reduce the chances of surfaces becoming re-infected by inhibiting the growth of Micro-organisms. Great to use on fabrics and frequent touchpoints.

Many trade aerosol disinfectants just contain alcohol which means they
will stop working as soon as the alcohol evaporates and do not leave a biostatic coating on surfaces.

To help you understand which are the best products and the right dilution rates please download our Hygiene Specification

Hygiene Range Booklet

Hand Care & Covid-19 Guide


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"Autosmart products are great to use, here at Warren’s valeting we’re using them every day. The new matrix range is giving our customers the very best in ceramic coating for their vehicles. Neil Campbell, the Southwest rep is speedy and reliable and really knows his stuff. Keep up the good work Autosmart, bang to buck products!!! Jon Warren Business Owner."

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"As a haulage company and lorry retailer keeping our fleet in tip top condition is essential. We've been using Neil Campbell and Autosmart products for 14 years now and have found the products easy to use, very effective and cost efficient. Neil provides a great service - knows his products and our cleaning needs and has been able to provide us with the best solution at the best price."

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"Since dealing with Neil we have changed over to Biocidal cleaner which enables us to thoroughly clean all our food safe areas and vehicles. We have proven its superior sanitising properties with our programme swab testing. I am extremely happy to recommend Neil for all our cleaning, vehicle and janitorial products which is backed up by his great service. Julian Evans Managing Director."

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"David May Motor Services have been using Autosmart products supplied by Neil Campbell for more than 10 years now, having four divisions we wanted to use one company to supply as many products as possible as well as getting a good price and service. We have always been delighted with the range of products, including bulk screen wash as the newest piece of equipment which we use to sanitise our own hire vehicles along with customers vehicle coming in for work. The Autosmart alloy wheel cleaner is the best on the market according to our Valeter who has been in the trade for 35 years. Michael Lavers – Bodyshop Manager."

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"We provide a one stop shop for all drainage and sewage disposal and our vehicles are constantly on the move, in challenging conditions. For 7 years Neil Campbell has supplied us with a range of Autosmart Products to clean our vehicles and machinery quickly, efficiently and eliminate any unwanted odours. When the virus hit, he was able to provide all the necessary hygiene products such as hand sanitisers, hand wash and dispensers needed to keep our staff safe. He’s knowledgeable, quick to respond and the products are outstanding. John, Operations Manager Hydro- Rod."


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